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M4-A1 RAS (Hard Anodizing/Flat Black)

 6061 Aluminum Alloy made by CNC wth 20mm Rail.

The RAS Make your MARUI M4-A1 Carbine more realistic

Fine Text Express on the heat shield

Real Type Drawing text on four side rails.




This product include 11 Rib Panel X3

TheBarrelNutSet(AR-14) & HandguardCap(AR-11) not Included

For MARUI M4-A1 Carbine Use Only

100% CNC MADE, Hard Anodizing/Flat Black coating
This product include 11 Rib Panel X3

Weight: 580 g
Color: Black
Material:  6061 Aluminum Alloy / Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Item No.: RAS-02
Suggested Retail Price: USD 135.00